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Just about every motor vehicle collision where there is contact causing injury includes neck injuries.

The head is like a bowling ball.  When a car is rear-ended, the impact causes the head (due to its mass) to float back relative to the spine, then forward, and back again. Front, side, and corner collisions cause lateral and vertical forces as well.

The resulting injuries can include a variety of neck-related conditions.  Some are bone and disc-related, others involve nerves or soft tissue.   Injuries can be more prevalent with age since we all naturally have some degeneration. We older folks are more susceptible to injury.  In fact, most people who have been asymptomatic their entire lives have a level of degeneration confirmed by imaging like MRIs.


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Treatment for Neck & Spine Injuries

From a medical point of view, getting treatment can be managed with a doctor and patient as the patient needs care.  A good doctor will have you provide a detailed patient history and go over it with you in relation to your exams and complaints of pain or dysfunction.  Sometimes, they will order MRIs or other radiological studies.  From there, they can often narrow down the source of your injury. At a minimum, they’ll be able to eliminate some theories of what is happening.

We generally recommend working with your regular healthcare providers to go through treatment.  Keeping an eye on critical information related to diagnosis and anticipated future treatment is very important.  As the world gets more reliant upon HMOs and cost-managed, treatment and record quality can suffer.  Some providers will provide records with nothing more than “neck pain” as an assessment and diagnosis.  Body region “pain” is not an injury diagnosis. It is a symptom.  Getting the right treatment sooner than later gives your neck and spine the best chance at recovery.

When conservative treatment fails to cure someone, more invasive treatment may be required. Typically, conservative treatment will continue for 12–16 weeks.  After that, the doctor may look at other options such as injections to help diagnose the source of the neck pain and provide limited relief.  From there, a doctor can take further next steps, potentially involving operating on the nerves or removing scar tissue.

Other Effects of Spinal Injuries

Neck injuries often manifest themselves in other places, too.   It is quite frequent for arms to have the feeling of lightning bolts or numbness from pinched nerves in the spinal cord and disc areas.  Sometimes nerves are damaged by impact to the neck and spine area.  The specific type of injury is not important here.  Being aware of the importance of the quality treatment you deserve is important.

From an insurance standpoint, getting the right type of treatment as soon as possible can help provide case value.   The records and reports will allow an adjuster to set reserves or money value on the case.  If this is not done early, the adjuster will likely painfully undervalue your case. 

Why You Need an Attorney

Our office is concerned about you getting the diagnosis you need, the treatment you need, getting the records you deserve, and getting paid 100% compensation for what the other person or company did to you.  Your neck and spine are at the center of everything you do. The stress and impact on your sleep extend to your immune system, emotions, and concentration. These injuries must be managed.

That person or company that took away your health, your relationships, your hobbies, and the activities that you enjoy shouldn’t walk away free and clear. There should be accountability.


Not a single client has ever said, if they had an option, they would give up their health – never! We would love for you to get it back. The legal system can only provide compensation in the way of money. It’s the only remedy. To get there, we want to help guide you through the complicated legal process. Let attorney David M. Sargent be your guide.

For legal representation for your neck & spine injury claim, call David M. Sargent Attorney At Law in Brighton or Fort Collins, Colorado today for a free injury consultation to find out more.